Girls on a Tuesday (GOAT)

Girls on a Tuesday is a home / life group for women aged 18-30, supported by their ‘older sisters in Christ’.   It is run by Lisa Webster.

We meet fortnightly on a Tuesday at either Lisa’s or Fran’s home (TBA each session).
We are currently studying chapters from a book called ‘Woman of God’, which has so far explored qualities such as contentment and wisdom (see contents, beneath picture).

Girls, you are all most welcome to join us – please speak with Lisa, Fran, Hannah or Sarah VR.

Currently studying ‘Woman of God‘ under the following topics (chapters):
– Contentment (Philippians 4)
– Wisdom (Ephesians 1)
– Strength (Deborah – Judges 4 & 5)
– Trustworthiness (Luke 16)
– Readiness for God’s Call (Mary – Luke 1)
– Forgiveness (Matthew 7 & Psalm 51)
– Resourcefulness (Abigail – 1 Samuel 25)
– Beauty (1 Peter 3)
– Confidence (Hebrews 10)
– Readiness for God’s Grace (Ruth 1)

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