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Hi there,

Please see the email and website below for a number of running / mudathon type events.  I’m not planning on doing any of these specifically but thought I would email it around to see if anyone was interested.  I thought it would be good to do something like this as a team, next year perhaps?

There are also the Nonsuch Relays on Wednesday July 5th at 7pm.  Each leg is 3K and the teams are comprised of 4 runners.  Would be great to have a GSR team if anyone fancies this.  Unfortunately I cannot make this but Adam can (and he’s a much better runner than me nowadays…). Please let me know if you would like to give this a go.

Many thanks


From: Churches for Street Child <churches@street-child.co.uk>
Sent: 02 May 2017 10:31
To: jasondhudson@hotmail.com
Subject: Churches for Street Child


Hi Jason,

I am contacting you from Churches for Street Child a supporter led network of  the charity Street Child, which works with vulnerable children in West Africa and Nepal to help them return to school and provides their families with sustainable financial support to keep them there.


I have been taking a look at your website and see the regular park run you have been involved with as well as all the amazing running events and wondered whether your members at Good Shepherd Runners might be interested in running for Street Child at any of our upcoming running and challenge events?

Specifically we have spaces left in a lot of running events near you such as the London Parks half marathon. Take a look at the website to see all the running and challenge events we have places at. https://www.street-child.co.uk/running-events


Our work at Street Child has been supported by a number of churches and we would love Good Shepherd runners to join us!

Please do let me know if you would be interested in taking part in any of the events, we can offer you tailored training plans and discounts at runners need for every fundraiser!


With thanks and best wishes,
God bless

Rachel Maguire
Churches for Street Child

Churches for Street Child is all about helping the wider church to back some of the world’s poorest children. We are a growing network of churches supporting the work of the NGO Street Child and we would love it if you joined us! You can join us on Facebook where we celebrate the work that every supporting church is doing and sharing the impact felt in the lives of some of the world’s poorest children.



Our very own “tough guy”

Hi there,

Apologies for not emailing last week about Tough Guy but thought I would email quickly to let you know that I completed it and survived (although it has taken me the best part of a week to recover,and a fair bit of time to get rid of the mud)

The really good news though is that already we have raised  £1,135.43

Thank you for your support.


Happy New Year!

Time for those new year resolutions to kick in to action – the first churchrunner event is next weekend!
We plan to run at Nonsuch parkrun (Jan 14th – 09:00) and hope that as many of us as possible can make it.
Also, please find attached the calendar of events for 2017.  Please keep the dates handy!
There is churchrunner mob match every second month so there is always something on the horizon to look forward to.
Further to this, there is also parkrun every week at Nonsuch park of course.  Parkrun generally records its highest overall attendance at this time of year (over 80,000 last year), so this is an ideal time of year to start running more regularly. There will generally be a few runners from the Good Shepherd at Nonsuch each week so please give it a go.   Remember also that parkrun is for all abilities.  (at Nonsuch yesterday, the times for 5K ranged from 48 minutes to sub 17, and ages from under 10 to over 70)
God bless


Yesterday’s glorious morning at Nonsuch has just been made even better because the results are in, and the Good Shepherd Runners came first!

It looks like it was really close as well so everybody’s points yesterday were crucial – thank you to everybody for taking part and for support (yesterday and for all other runs of course)

The winners’ cup is currently on display in the Church of the Good Shepherd trophy cabinet (well office window).

Hopefully will have some more photos soon, and of course match report to follow.

The latest churchrunner event report is now up: www.churchrunner.co.uk



Our 1000th Parkrun was notched up this weekend which equates to a total of 5,000 km. To put this into context, this is further than 5 Lands End to John o Groats or Carshalton Beeches to the North Pole!!
Well done on a great team effort and congratulations to Toks Kadiri for being the finisher of the 1000th Parkrun for the Good Shepherd Runners

About us

The Good Shepherd Runners are a  church based running club and we took part in our very first ‘Parkrun’ on Saturday 10th November 2012.   We currently have over 30 runners, with our youngest runners being 8 years old and our more senior runners proudly representing the 60+ age categories.

We currently meet once a month at 09:00 on Saturday mornings at Nonsuch Park and take part in the ‘Parkrun’ 5K event.  ‘Parkrun’ embraces all ages and abilities, male and female alike, and you can run or walk at your own pace.   We have a similar broad cross section of runners / walkers within the Good Shepherd Runners – many of us had never run since school let alone contemplated doing 5K!

Although we are based at the Church of the Good Shepherd, you do not have to go to the Church to run with the Good Shepherd Runners.   If you would like to improve your fitness or are looking for running buddies to help your motivation then please come and join us!




Every Saturday (mainly at Nonsuch) including special monthly events.


GS Runners

Beating the Bounds

(do you know the parish boundary?)

On Sunday 17th of April we will be ‘beating the bounds’ of the parish.  At 11AM we will set off from the Church of the Good Shepherd and attempt to walk (or run….) around the whole parish boundary.beating the bounds


2 Samuel 18:23 “Come what may, I want to run.”
Please check out the following fantastic website that has recently been set up to bring all the church running clubs together.


See the Good Shepherd runners in action

http://www.parkrun.org.uk/lloyd/photos/  (click on  Lloyd parkrun, Croydon flickr group for the best way of viewing these)

GSR 19.3.14


Matthew 18:20

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
Here is some inspiration from Isaiah:
 “Make my feet run as fast as those of a deer, and you help me stand on the mountains.” Psalm 18:33



Please see the link for ‘Parkrun’ below

Email; jasondhudson@hotmail.com

“Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”  Hebrews 12:1


























June Report

Blessed with yet another lovely sunny morning at Nonsuch, we back were running on the original course today.This is the first time back on the ‘A course’ since February and now thankfully the ankle deep mud, deep swamp and alligators have now long gone. The sun must have brought out the best in people since we had 4 PBs today.  Congratulations to David O’Domhnaill, Toks Kadiri, Eleanor Woodman and Adam Hudson for their best ever Parkruns today! The best news though is that we had 3 Good Shepherd Runners debuts today: Lisa Webster, Al Milne and Graham Oglethorpe – all of which were still smiling (almost) at the end.Well done also to Jeff Croucher for a return to Parkrun, notching up his second run (only 48 to go now for the T-shirt!!)
A good run also today from Nic Cady, nursing a delicate calf, and Hannah Flowers ably accompanied by Tobias and Nathaniel.
Our total number of runners at Nonsuch now stands at 28 (it was 24 last month) so we are now very close to topping 30!We are also tantalisingly close to a total of 100 parkruns – our total is 92.

Our July Parkrun will be a little bit different since this will be held at Roundshaw Downs (20 July).

We are having our second mob match with Chiltern Church Runners and Selsdon Baptist Church Runners so should be a fantastic


Let us pray that we get lots of Good Shepherd Runners.

In the meantime, it would be really good to hit a 100 runs at Nonsuch, so please head to Nonsuch on Saturday mornings if you can.

I will be doing it most Saturday’s now so hope to see you there.

Happy running.


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