Man Alive

Men’s Ministry


Helping you to be the man God created you to be?

  • To provide a regular men’s event to connect with the many men we are blessed with (and male friends)
  • To give men a chance to meet with other men regularly outside of the normal church setting
  • To encourage prayer and Christ-like life style
  • To provide an opportunity for men to form closer friendships and fellowship in Christ
  • To provide a support network
  • To give a place and time for sharing life issues and ‘men’s stuff’ with other men in confidence and a trusting environment
  • To give men a chance to explore and grow in their faith – both in knowledge and in actions – in a male only setting
  • To provide opportunities for co-ordinated community project work
  • To encourage, equip and evangelise
  • All to be discussed with attendees and what they desire from the group

It is NOT intended as a substitute for home group & NOT a social club

We meet monthly at 8.00pm on a weekday evening in the church parish lounge for drinks, biscuits, fellowship and meaningful discussion – all in a relaxed atmosphere and in no particular order! We aim to share life, grow in faith, explore the Bible, pray, support one another, reach out to the community and generally “be men who are fully alive!”

Having now completed our “Faith Pictures” series our upcoming ‘core’ meetings will now focus on exploring masculinity and relationships using a “FIRST MAN STANDING” study series to promote thought and discussion. Don’t worry if you can’t come every month or even for the whole meeting (which will finish by 10.00pm) – sessions are “drop-in”.


Dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 5th September 2017

Social – Pub night (Venue TBA)

  • Wednesday 13th September 2017

Being A Christian Man

  • Tuesday 10th October 2017

Men and Relationships

  • Tuesday 14th November 2017

Men Relating to Women

  • Tuesday 12th December 2017

A Man and his Life Partner

  • Tuesday 16th January 2018

Violence Against Women

  • Tuesday 13th February 2018

Men and the Next Generation

  • Tuesday 13th March 2018

How should we then live?



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