Man Alive

The programme for 2019:

We aim to  provide a regular men’s event to connect with the many men we are blessed with (and male friends)

  • To give men a chance to meet with other men regularly outside of the normal church setting
  • To encourage prayer and Christ-like life style
  • To provide an opportunity for men to form closer friendships and fellowship in Christ
  • To provide a support network
  • To give a place and time for sharing life issues and ‘men’s stuff’ with other men in confidence and a trusting environment
  • To give men a chance to explore and grow in their faith – both in knowledge and in actions – in a male only setting
  • To provide opportunities for co-ordinated community project work
  • To encourage, equip and evangelise
  • All to be discussed with attendees and what they desire from the group

It is NOT intended as a substitute for home group & NOT a social club






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