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Below you will find The Church of the Good Shepherd’s:

1. Health & Safety Policy
2. Fire Procedures
3. Privacy Policy

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1. Health and Safety Policy

General Statement: We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, our volunteers and everyone else who comes onto our grounds or into our building. We will review this policy at least biennially.

In addition to a general statement, the Policy should address the Organisation and responsibilities; and, the Arr-angements for promoting H&S. In satisfying these requirements for a Policy, we are also conscious on grounds of effectiveness of the need to be concise so see Church H&S Policy version 4 by Ecclesiastical Insurance for details.

Organisation and responsibilities: Overall responsibility for health and safety is that of the Vicar. Responsibility to ensure that the Arrangements outlined in this policy are carried out and updated as necessary is with the Churchwardens. The PCC has general responsibility to ensure that the health and safety policy is implemented.

Janet Hill is designated as the H&S Officer who has agreed to take responsibility for the day-to-day implementation of the arrangements outlined in this policy.

All employees and voluntary workers have a responsibility to co-operate in the implementation of this policy and to take reasonable care of themselves and others whilst on church business or premises. They must therefore:

1 comply with safety rules, operating instructions and working procedures;

2 use protective clothing / equipment when it is required, and not misuse anything provided in the interests of h&s;

3 report any fault or defect in equipment immediately to the H&S Officer; and,

4 report all accidents (however minor), injuries, near misses or other potential safety hazards as soon as possible to the Vicar and / or the H&S Officer.

The PCC asks that any habitual user in the church of Display Screen Equipment locates a DSE self-assessment tool and then ensures their workstation set-up is satisfactory; and raises any matter in this regard with the Vicar.

Every employee shall go on the Health and Safety Executive’s website to refer to the leaflet titled ‘Health and Safety Law – What you should know’.

When required by the Vicar or Wardens a Risk Assessment, usually by the organiser or person concerned, must be produced. Risk Assessments may be needed for events and activities, instances of working alone in the church, travelling to / from church, accepting persons into their homes and handling cash and other valuables.

Arrangements: First aid boxes are kept in each of the three kitchens. Some church members are known to be medically qualified but, intentionally, no formal register of first aid trained persons has been made.

The pad of blank Accident Records is kept in the old kitchen (off the room with the font) with completed records then moved to the safe as the Accident Book for insurance purposes. Any RIDDOR report – ie the formal reporting of accidents involving the injured person losing more than 7 consecutive days’ work – will be made by the Vicar.

Our policy is to fulfil our obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and to this end we have separate documentation on fire safety comprising of a Fire Risk Assessment and evacuation procedures.

Electrical equipment will be inspected for the likes of frayed flexes and scorched plugs at least annually. The inspections will be by the H&S Officer or someone delegated to by the H&S Officer. We will also undertake Portable Appliance Testing known as PAT-tests. Every five years, our fixed electrical system will be inspected and tested by a competent contractor who is a ‘Full Scope’ member of the NICEIC, ECA or NAPIT. Any necessary remedial work will be carried out.

At intervals of not more than two and a half years our lightning conductor system will be examined and tested by a competent specialist firm of lightning engineers.

Our gas boilers and any other gas equipment is maintained and checked annually by a competent contractor who is registered with the Gas Safe Register. Any necessary work required for safety is implemented immediately.

All hazardous chemicals will be kept securely and not allowed to be handled by children.

Ladders will be inspected for condition at least annually. The inspections will be by the H&S Officer or someone delegated to by the H&S Officer. Only people who assert that they have had training and / or are competent will use ladders and then not for activities exceeding 30 minutes duration.

Where it is not possible to avoid the need to move loads, we will carry out risk assessments, not necessarily in writing, and make use of lifting aids such as trolleys and the lift as far as possible.

Slips, trips and falls probably constitute the greatest risk of injury and so everyone should take responsibility for good housekeeping and dealing with hazards immediately or reporting them such as slippery conditions outside.

We acknowledge that Food Hygiene Regulations apply whether we sell publicly or privately, in a hall or marquee, for profit or for fund-raising and, in this regard, are in the process of producing a separate food hygiene policy.

Policy compiled by Martin Thompson, PCC Secretary, and adopted by the PCC Sept 2015

Church of the Good Shepherd – Carshalton Beeches – Surrey SM5 4NP

020 8643 0411 Office | 020 8669 8956 Vicar | 020 8647 8534 H&S Officer


2. Fire Procedure at The Church of the Good Shepherd when adults are worshipping in the main body of the Church and children are worshipping in Junior Church 

In the event of a fire the fire alarm will sound. The service leader will read out the following instructions from the front of the Church.

Please move quickly and calmly to the nearest exit or as directed by the sidespeople.

Please then leave the Church and make your way along Oaks Way, passing the Church on your left, to the grass verge at the corner of Oaks Way and Balfour Road.

The Junior Church and Pathfinder leaders will bring your children to you there.

Thank you

All able-bodied sidespeople and welcomers will be issued with high-viz tabards by the deputy warden of the day (or his/her designated person). These can be found in the coat cupboard by the main toilets. They will direct the congregation out of the building via the nearest available exit.

The children will be evacuated from the Crèche, Junior Church, Pathfinder room and YOBS room by those working with the children that day via the nearest available exit. There are hi-viz tabards in the cupboard in each room for the adults. They will wait with the children on the grass verge at the corner of Balfour Road and Oaks Way until all the children have been reunited with their families.


3. Privacy Policy

Please click on the following link for the Church of the Good Shepherd Privacy Policy:

CoGS Privacy Notice (PN)


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