Pray as you go

Dear Good Shepherd Runners,
I hope everyone has had a lovely summer.  Here is what is happening in September:
Pray as You Go
This will start again this Tuesday and will run until the clocks go back at the end of October (or until it gets too dark in the evenings beforehand)
As per last time, we meet at 7pm at the Good Shepherd, pray, run / walk and then meet again back at the Good Shepherd for a closing prayer.
Please do come along if you can squeeze this in…..
I am planning on placing an order for some more T-shirts soon so please let me know if you would like a new one (a very early Christmas present perhaps…:-)
Love and prayers
Firstly, what exactly is Pray as you go?
A weekly meeting which includes; chatting, praying, running or walking, praying and more chatting!
How far are the runs / walks?
Rather than a set distance, we have a set time i.e. 30 minutes.  This means that we all set off at the same time and then finish at the same time.  We generally set out in small groups or pairs so that everyone has somebody of a similar pace to them.  We can then tailor the routes so that everyone finishes back at the Good Shepherd after 30 minutes.  We cater for walkers as well as runners.
 pray as you go
Where do we run / walk
We are very fortunate to have lots of nice places to run from the Church of the Good Shepherd and usually we head into Oaks Park (15 minutes out and 15 minutes back) or do a circular route.  There are also a couple of very nice walking circuits that can be done comfortably in 30 minutes (about 1.5 miles) including a circuit of the lovely  park area behind Stanley Park High School.
What about the Praying?
The format generally includes a single short prayer before we head off, usually said by the group leader.  Similarly, after we all return to the Good Shepherd, a single short prayer is said, again either by the group leader or by somebody who volunteers.  There is no expectation for anyone to pray if they do not wish.
Is it just for people who go to the Church of the Good Shepherd
No, this is open to all people whether part of the Good Shepherd congregation or not.  We very much encourage anyone in the local community to come and join us, whether this is for fitness, fun or faith.
Sounds good, where and when is it?
On Tuesday evenings, weekly, at 7pm at the Church of the Good Shepherd (during British Summer Time)
What time can I expect to be back home?
We are usually finished by 19:45.
Finally, can I expect glorious sunshine?
Well perhaps not every week but I can guarantee a gloriously warm welcome!

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