YOBS (14-18)

YOBS at Soul Survivor 2016

Fun and fellowship at Soul Survivor! What great weather as well!  Many thanks to all the leaders!!


YOBS Car Wash raised…..

YOBs washed 18 cars last Sunday night during the APCM and raised over £200. With Gift Aid and a top up from the Charity Fund, we will be able to send £150 to both “Open Doors” (to help persecuted Christians) and Water Aid. Many thanks to all who took part and supplied the cars!


Luke and David had fun helping to clear scrubland at Dorkham for Surrey Wildlife Trust with Cheryl and Anthony.YOBS


A typical evening at YOBS. Fun, food and fellowship!! Please speak to Anthony or Cheryl Thompson for more information.

View their twitter page https://twitter.com/yobsatCOGS

YOBS is the youth group for 14-18 year olds. We meet at 5.30- 7.30 every Sunday. We normally get involved with some Bible studies, and do various games and activities.We also  regularly help at the 9.30 morning service as well as meeting on the 4th Sunday of the month for a morning Bible study.

An evening finding out about worship.


The Good Shepherd fielded a team of cricket players to play a game against visibly impaired teenagers. They had to wear special glasses so that it was a” level playing field”. Guess which team won!!


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