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Who’s who

Lots of people are involved in different aspects of ministry and church life at the Good Shepherd. Here are just a few of them:

Vicar: Revd. Kevin Lewis

Tel: 020 8669 8956

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Curate: Arriving soon


Day off

Retired Priest with PTO: Revd. Peter Turrell

Church Centre Manager: Fran Lewis

Tel: 020 8643 0411

Working days: Tuesday – Friday 9am – 1pm

Church Centre Co-ordinator: Michaela Strivens

Tel: 020 8643 0411

Working days: Tuesday, Thursday 9am-1pm

Treasurer: Chris Nutting

Tel: 020 8643 1147

Cheryl Thompson

Safeguarding Officer: Janet Davis

Safeguarding Officer: Janet Hill

Helen Moore

Church Warden: Mark Crompton

Church Warden: Anthony Thompson

Parish Nurse: Nikki Potter

Assistant Parish Nurse: June Watson

Assistant Parish Nurse: Jacqui Kinch