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Auction of Promises Gallery

Below are pictures of some of the Lots on offer.  Pictures will be added as and when they come in – so please keep watching this space.

To inspect the full and latest list of Lots please click on the AoP Lots Dashboard.

To bid simply email <– or click here.

Not quite sure how the AoP works?  Return to the AoP FAQ page for more info.


Here are pictures of some of the Lots, to help you choose.  Once you’ve chosen, use the Lot number(s) provided below to place your bids.  If you’re not sure or can’t remember how to bid, no problem – see FAQ: ‘How Can I Make a Bid?

Lot # S01 – Boxed of Special Family Crackers
Lots S07 – S11 – Hand-knitted Santa Christmas Decoration


Lot # P07 – Carshalton Dance Centre – SAMPLE Voucher


Lot # F01 – Fiara Pizza Voucher 2022 – SAMPLE Voucher


Lot # F34 – Mars Bar & Rice Krispie Cake